Criminal Charges Sought For Reported Animal Neglect At SeaQuest In Folsom

PETA is asking the City of Folsom Animal Services to investigate SeaQuest - which opened in November - alledging it’s in violation of Folsom's animal services ordinance.

According to a letter from PETA, there have been reported eyewitness accounts of neglect and inhumane treatment of animals in December and January. 

PETA’s urgency comes after the release of a video taken by a visitor showing a fish on the ground after it had jumped out of its tank nearly 6 feet high.

“An employee stood idle watching this fish suffer, unable to breathe for minutes before another staff member finally arrived and returned the animal to the water,” explained Supervising Veterinarian of Captive Animal Law Enforcement at the PETA Foundation, Dr. Heather Rally.

She says this isn’t the first report. In just a month and a half visitors have reported seeing dead animals in tanks. 

“A sting ray who was literally decomposing inside of a touch tank and being actively touched by children as well as a dead eel, a seahorse and a snake. And, each of these animals were found dead on different days,” she added. “At SeaQuest animals are obviously being treated as if they’re disposable.” 

The condition of the fish, however is unknown. 

“We have asked that authorities ensure that the animal in question has received veterinary care. We have no idea whether that is the case. We know that animals in the facility have been denied veterinary care in the past.” 

In November PETA protested the opening of SeaQuest at it’s Folsom location. 

PETA is requesting the investigation for numerous apparent violations of Folsom's animal services ordinance which requires that all animals be provided with vet care to prevent suffering and "humane care and treatment … at all times." 

KFKB reached out to SeaQuest for comment and will update this story.


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