Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Highway 101


A plane landed on Highway 101 near Morgan Hill Sunday. The pilot reported engine failure and made an emergency landing on the grassy median the splits the 101 South and 101 North. There was no damage to the aircraft, the pilot or passing passengers in the highway. 

The pilot, Wayne Wright, was flying alone from Davis on his way to Watsonville. He told ABC 7 News, "If I had gone in with traffic I would have had to hit cars so I had to go in with the shoulder in the opposite direction. But there was just enough room there my wing tip was out into the number one lane. A couple of cars moved to make room for me so I'm sure it's a day they'll remember so everything worked out fine."

Wright has been a pilot for 40 years and said he wasn't scared during the landing. It hasn't been release yet what the issue with the engine was but the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.



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