Northeast Fresno Residents Raise Concerns About Grizzly Fest

Northeast Fresno residents attended a meeting, hosted by City Councilman Garry Bredefeld, at Liberty Elementary School Wednesday night to express concerns over Grizzly Fest coming to Woodward Park in May.

Some of the issues residents raised were the loud music coming from Woodward Park during the concert, Grizzly Fest playing music past the normal 10 pm noise ordinance until midnight, the traffic and parking congestion around neighborhoods and businesses, and the rap content and language of Grizzly Fest headliner Snoop Dogg.

One city proposal details a $1,000 fine per minute to the promoters of Grizzly Fest if music continues past 11:30 pm, a $10,000 fine per minute if music continues past 11:40 pm, and a $100,000 fine per minute after midnight if music continues.

Trevor Carey

Trevor Carey

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