Dial-A-Dem: El Rancho High Teacher Gregory Salcido

El Rancho High School history teacher Gregory Salcido says people who join the U.S. military are "the lowest of the low" and calls them "dumb****s." Did you know Mr. Salcido is also a city councilman and at one time was the mayor of Pico-Rivera, CA? Are these the type of comments our students should hear in school?

Call El Rancho High School are tell them your thoughts on Mr. Salcido's disparaging comments on U.S. military personnel. Please make your calls respectful. The phone number: 562-801-7500. If you would like to speak with Principal Hector Vasquez directly, dial his extension 17501.

If you want to share your thoughts with El Rancho Unified School District and Superintendent Karling Aguilera-Fort, call 562-801-7300. Explain why Mr. Salcido's remarks about the military upset you.

Are you more of an email person instead? Here are some to choose from below:

El Rancho Principal Hector Vasquez's email: HectorVasquez@erusd.org

El Rancho School Board President Dr. Aurora Villon: avillon@erusd.org

El Rancho School Board Vice President: gorosco@erusd.org

Trevor Carey

Trevor Carey

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