Man Bitten By Lion Sentenced For Robbery

A man who climbed into a California zoo with the intent committing robbery and was bitten by a lion has been sentenced to probation and told he can't go anywhere near the zoo.

Julio Mendez received his sentence on Friday, but the Fresno Bee reports that his punishment is not for trespassing at the Chaffee Zoo in Fresno.  Instead he is guilty of second-degree robbery involving an unrelated crime. He also was ordered to pay 300 dollars in restitution to the zoo.

Mendez had actually been released from jail while he faced the robbery charge last September.  That is when he went to the zoo, climbed over a four-foot fence capped with barbed wire and got into the enclosure which housed two female lions.

As Mendez tried to climb back over the fence, one lion bit his foot.

Mendez received medical treatment for the bite and was later booked back into jail on a warrant.

Lion roar.


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