WATCH: California Puppies Rescued From 100-Pound Tortoise Den

Giant African tortoise Aldabra on an island in the Indian Ocean.

Photo: Getty Images

San Bernardino County firefighters were called to the Yuca Valley for an extremely unique rescue situation involving a tortoise and two trapped puppies. According to UPI, two puppies found their way into a nearby underground tortoise den and were trapped inside when Oscar the tortoise decided to block the only exit. Oscar weighs in around 100-pounds, and there was no escaping for puppies, Peo and Finn. The puppies' owner called the fire department in hopes of safely removing Oscar from the den so that the puppies could be freed.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department took to Facebook to update followers regarding the unique incident.

"Sunday San Bernardino County Fire crews were requested for a unique public service call in Yucca Valley. Two curious five month old puppies had made their way into a tortoise den and were unable to exit due to a 100 ln tortoise blocking their exit. Residents were worried as the dogs had been in the den for multiple hours and were silent. With Oscar blocking the exit, crews worked to dig an access hole to rescue the dogs. After an hour of digging crews were able to get the puppies out of the den. “Peo” and “Finn”, were unharmed & happy to reunite with their dog mom Kathleen."

All of the animals were able to be successfully rescued.

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