Rescue Groups Stage Dramatic Rescue Of Animals Trapped By Floodwaters

Rescue groups in Nebraska worked through the weekend to save animals that had become trapped due to flooding from heavy rains. Rescuers from Lusco Farms Rescue and Scatter Joy Acres used air-boats to get to the donkeys and ponies stranded at Sycamore Farms in Waterloo, Nebraska. The workers originally planned to bring the animals fresh food and water but decided it was best if they brought them to dry land. They managed to rescue two donkeys and six ponies from the farm.

Lusco Farms Rescue live streamed the operation in a series of videos on Facebook. Once the rescuers got the animals to safety, they were transported to Victory Riding Academy in Omaha.

Their work was not done after saving the animals at Sycamore Farms. The rescue workers managed to save and relocate nearly two dozen horses and planned to rescue a herd of alpacas once the flood waters receded.

Local residents also rushed to help with the rescue efforts and donated bales of hay and other items to the farms where the displaced animals are being taken.

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