Video Shows Why Parents Can't Turn Their Backs On A Kid - Even For A Second


Anyone who ever says parenting is easy is lying, and a new video going viral sums up why. The clip shows a mom with her two kids and her dog. She walks up to her garage with a toddler as she leaves her other baby in a stroller in the driveway alongside the dog. There is a subtle ominous feeling to video as you expect the dog to accidentally cause something bad to happen to the infant, however, that's not at all what goes down. 

The mom holds the toddler up and lets the little girl punch in the code to open the garage. As the garage door opens, she puts her daughter down and turns to get the baby out of the stroller. When she turns back around to her other kid, she sees the girl is not even on the ground - she's hanging on to the garage door which has lifted her off the ground. The mother is able to rescue the girl, quickly grabbing her with her other arm. Thankfully, no one was injured.  


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