Pancakes Help Bring Escaped Georgia Inmate Back to Jail

pancakes stop lures escaped felon back

An inmate who fled a Georgia jail with the help of his mother was recaptured this week all thanks to the undeniable lure of pancakes.

According to a report from the Associated Press, a few hours after slipping out the side door of the Heard County jail in Georgia, 27-year-old Joshua Gullatt, and his mother, 54-year-old Kathy Lynn Pence were arrested at an IHOP restaurant where they planned to meet Gullatt's children. 

Investigators were listening in on a phone call Gullatt made to his mother about his escape and their arranged meet-up at the pancake house. 

Sheriff's Office Sgt. Dan Boswell says at the same time Pence was on the phone with her son, she was pulled over by police for running a stop sign. Authorities identified her car and tracked the phone call to the IHOP in Newnan. 

"He said they were sitting at the table eating. He was sitting with two of his kids at the table. His mom, him and two of his children," Boswell told WSB-TV.

The children are now back with their mother, detectives say. 

Gullatt, who was serving time for burglary and previously slated for work release, has now been charged with felony escape and his mother has been charged with aiding and abetting. 


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