Man Paints Yard Green To Comply With City Codes


A Utah homeowner believes he found a way to comply with a city code that requires his lawn to be green. Michael Goldman said that code enforcement officers from Ogden City have been cracking down on residents who fail to maintain their yards, "citing a lot of people for not keeping it green, not keeping it mowed."

He explained that there was almost nothing he could do to make his lawn green within ten days, so he had to think outside of the box. Goldman decided that instead of spending thousands of dollars on sod, which he could not afford, he bought green paint, the same type that football fields and golf courses use to artificially color their turf. 

Goldman isn't sure if painting his lawn will appease town officials, but it only cost him $70. He said that if they have any other issues he will do his best to comply.

“If they find another reason for me to do something else, I’ll fix it," Goldman said. "I’m not one to get on the city’s case.”


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